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OUR vision

Since 1980, Senji Cherng passionately launched her own brand to embody this everlasting elegance for women of all generations. “SENJI” is not only a name, but also a tight-knit family. When you walk through our doors, we welcome you as one of our own – something we have been doing since day one.

OUR founder

It all started when a young girl from Chiayi, Taiwan fell in love with needlework and pursued her dream studying fashion in Japan. During her 40 years in the industry, Senji Cherng hosted Taiwan’s “Art of Fashion” television show for 11 years and became a leading industry expert in aesthetics.

OUR story

“It requires one person to do one thing well, but to build a brand, a whole team is required.” Over 40 years, SENJI’s team continually challenged themselves by fine-tuning handicraft skills, inspiring creativity, and providing world-class service to build SENJI into the brand that it is today.

OUR workshop

All around the workshop display possible aspects to build different stories – mannequins, rolls of fabric, and glass containers of various dress accessories. SENJI consultants will guide you step-by-step to select your dress details, get up-close-and-personal to the design process, and build that perfect puzzle to make your fairy tale come true.




Our Collection

This season’s “Dancing with Flowers” is a combination of our classic designs and today’s fashion elements. The trendy colors for this collection are royal blue, vibrant t violet, nude, and coral red with saturated gold. Using lightweight and flowy fabric to accentuate the body, you will feel like a butterfly fluttering gracefully from flower to flower in a garden.